The Hanji Box ,” starring Natalie Kim, Suzanne C. Dudley and Daniel Park is now on Amazon Prime. Blu-rays and DVDs are available by contacting Nora at or calling 802-649-3242.

The film centers on the journey of an adoptive mother, seeking to understand her adopted daughter’s Korean heritage, history and culture. When the mysterious Hanji Box is broken inadvertently, the adoptive mother travels to New York’s Koreatown to see if it can be fixed. In the process she meets a charismatic Korean artist who takes her on a journey of cultural discovery.  This award-winning film has been used in adoption networks to spark discussion about international adoption and we have created a study guide to accompany the film. 

We are available to show the film and lead discussions.

Blu-ray: $24 (including shipping and handling)

DVD: $21 (including shipping and handling)

Digital Download: $8
Upon payment we will send you via email a private link for your digital download or streaming.