We are in distribution of a 60-minute dramatic  film called “The Hanji Box ,” starring Natalie Kim, Suzanne C. Dudley and Daniel Park. The film centers on the journey of an adoptive mother, seeking to understand her adopted daughter’s Korean heritage, history and culture. A Korean artist helps her on her journey. This award-winning film has been used in adoption networks to spark discussion about international adoption and we have created a study guide to accompany the film. The film is available on Amazon prime or by contacting the filmmaker: norajacobson@gmail.com. Streaming, Blu-rays and DVDs are available.

We have completed post-production on a short narrative film, Raghead (The R Word), about anti-muslim bigotry. The film is beginning its journey on the festival circuit. Please contact us if you are interested in viewing it.

We are in production on two documentaries: one is about the poet Ruth Stone and the other is a film about the Cornish Art Colony.

We are developing a new TV/web based series, A Peculiar Freedom, the story of free people of color in  New England, in the 100 years leading up to the Civil war and the period right after it. The first episode–the story of poet/settler Lucy Prince–is also being developed as a stand-alone feature film.