off the grid productions

Filmmaker Nora Jacobson started Off The Grid Productions in 1995, in a quonset hut located at the delta of two rivers in the State of Vermont, USA. Watch Nora's reel

Her award-winning films include: "Delivered Vacant" (Sundance Film Festival, New York Film Festival), about housing issues, real estate and gentrification in Hoboken, New Jersey; "My Mother's Early Lovers" (Austin Film Festival, New Haven Film Fest, Method FilmFest), a family drama about intergenerational abuse and healing; Nothing Like Dreaming" (Best in Fest, Lake Placid Film Festival, Northampton Independent Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, Hearts $ Minds Film Festival)  about teenagers, mental illness, creativity and the sound of fire set in rural Vermont; "Sun and Moon Were Children and Lived on the Earth" (Ajijic Festival Internacional de Cine), based on a Zapotec creation myth, and "Habits & Choices: Living with HIV" (National Educational Film and Video

Current Productions:
We are in pre-production on a new feature film called “The Hanji Box “ a love story about art and international adoption in Korea. We are partnering with Fire Circle Films on this project.

We are in production on a documentary about pond hockey and producing a collaborative documentary about the history of activism and independence in Vermont, "Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie".

We are in post-production on an experimental dramatic film about a man struggling to cope with the loss of his young wife to breast cancer. The film is based on a series of scenes written by Stephen Goldberg about the death of his wife, Rachel Bissex.

We recently finished a 23-minute film, "Tremors in the System: the help you want or the help you get", with Marj Berthold, about her experiences in the mental health system: Ronald Bassman says about the film: "Tremors in the System does what excellent films do best - it helps us understand by inspiring us to feel the struggles and the emotions that are portrayed on screen.  The viewer is exposed to the frustrations of being a person living with an extensive psychiatric history who is unable to attain credibility despite all her attempts to communicate her very genuine concerns.  I recommend this documentary to stimulate   discussion for schools and community groups interested in gaining more understanding of mental illness" Ronald Bassman, Ph.D., author of A Fight to Be: A Psychologist's Experience from Both Sides of the Locked Door

delivered vacant early lovers nothing like dreaming

photos, left to right: frame from Delivered Vacant; Sue Ball as Maple in My Mother's Early Lovers [by Karim Chichakly]; Morgan Bicknell as Emma & George Woodard as Sunny in Nothing Like Dreaming [by Thomas Ames, Jr.].