Nora Jacobson

 Nora Jacobson is an award winning filmmaker who writes and directs narrative feature films and documentaries. She is devoted to telling character-driven stories that explore the importance of place, race, diversity,  gender and social justice.  She believes that the first steps in advancing social change come from  provoking meaningful discourse. Recently she has become fascinated by real people and stories of the past, and is developing two films and a television series about early colonial history in New England.


Works in Progress

Ruth Stone's Vast Library of the Female Mind FRACTALS: a film about ice and a community of pond hockey enthusiasts

In Development

Lucy Prince Walks to Norwich A Peculiar Freedom Kiwakw, or Winter's Witch

Director's Reel (Narrative films)



Clips from Delivered Vacant
Clips from Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie


Flocking, Murmurations

Living beings flock. Humans flock to celebrate, mourn, protest. No one really understands why birds, insects and mammals flock. The humans in this short film are flocking in White River Junction, Vermont to protest ICE raids, to celebrate Halloween, and to mourn the passing of a beloved young man.


More information coming soon.