Nothing Like Dreaming

Nothing Like Dreaming A man fires up a propane torch. He sends its flame up tubes of metal. The raging heat produces resonant, ringing tones in a harmony of pure sound. Sonny Gale is a scavenger, outlaw and fire artist. He lives stealthily, in an abandoned factory at the edge of town, waiting for someone who never arrives. Into his … Read More

My Mother’s Early Lovers

My Mother’s Early Lovers 103 Minutes, 35mm, Color and B/W (1998) Produced, directed, co-written and edited by Nora Jacobson, based on a story by Sybil Smith. Executive Producers: Bill and Jane Stetson Synopsis A young woman explores her mother’s past and uncovers a secret at the heart of her family’s history. Based on an autobiographical memoir, the film suggests that the … Read More

The Hanji Box

The Hanji Box “The Hanji Box ,” starring Natalie Kim, Suzanne C. Dudley and Daniel Park is now on Amazon Prime. Blu-rays and DVDs are available by contacting Nora at or calling 802-649-3242. The film centers on the journey of an adoptive mother, seeking to understand her adopted daughter’s Korean heritage, history and culture. When the mysterious Hanji Box … Read More

Ruth Stone’s Vast Library of the Female Mind

Click here for a list of live SCREENINGS and the NATIONAL BROADCAST Ruth Stone was a promising young poet, living an idyllic life with her beloved husband, a poet and professor. When he died unexpectedly by suicide, Ruth was flung out into the world, destitute with three daughters to support. Though not well known outside of the poetry world, … Read More

Passion in a Pandemic: Making Opera at Hanover High School

Passion in a Pandemic: Making Opera at Hanover High SchoolBuy a dvd, blu-ray or digital download For more information, please contact or jenniferchambers@nesarts.orgFormer opera singer Jennifer Chambers and celebrated Italian conductor  Filippo Ciabatti teach opera to public high school students in the midst of the Covid pandemic. The young singers open up to the camera about their dreams and … Read More